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  • February
  • Acrylic/Composite Teeth Gain on Porcelain

    For years, porcelain was the material of choice for denture teeth because of its ability to replicate the appearance of natural dentition. But as we entered the 1990s, acrylic denture teeth had replaced porcelain as the industry standard; in fact, the use of porcelain teeth had dropped 50% during the previous decade.

    Acrylic teeth offered several functional advantages: they were kinder to opposing dentition with less trauma to the bone and offered easier occlusal adjustment. However, earlier materials tended to craze and check and weren’t as esthetic as the tried-and-true porcelain. Over...

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  • September 2012
  • 2012 Removables Survey: Removable Market Holding Its Own

    Forty-five percent of respondents to LMT's exclusive 2012 Removable Survey rate the market as good and 35% classify it as fair. The majority say their removable business in the first half of 2012 is level or just slightly up or down compared to all of 2011.

    At one end of the spectrum is the 9% of survey participants who say the market is booming and that business is markedly up. "All areas of our removable department are up. We had a record May and July was not far behind. As far as fixed, we are down double digits," says Gary Iocco, Owner, Dimension Dental Design, Hastings, MN.

    At the opposite...

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  • April 2011
  • Dentures Q&A

    Questions and Answers: Dentures

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