• 3D Printing

    3D Systems · Digital Fabrication

    From accurate waxups to a cloud-based 3D printing service from your CT scan data, 3D SYSTEMS provides the systems and services you need to deliver fast yet accurate solutions. Experience the new, desktop ProJet 1200 micro-SLA...

  • 3D Printing Solutions

    EnvisionTEC, inc. · Digital Fabrication

    ENVISIONTEC’s 3D printing solutions provide labs and dental practices of all sizes with the ability to benefit from the efficiencies and cost savings of digital dentistry. The company offers a full suite of products including...

  • Objet 3D Printers

    Stratasys, Ltd. · Digital Fabrication

    STRATASYS provides state-of-the-art 3D printing solutions that help laboratories reap the maximum benefits of digital dentistry and better plan and execute digital dental workflow, creating a notable difference in quality...

  • Objet 3D Printing Systems

    Stratasys, Ltd. · Digital Fabrication

    OBJET GEOMETRIES LTD. provides high-resolution 3D printing systems and materials. The Objet Eden line of 3D Printing Systems and the Objet Alaris30 3D desktop printer are based on Objet’s patented PolyJet Technology...

  • Stratasys Reports Record Financial Results For the Second Quarter of 2013

    LMT Communications, Inc. · Industry News · August 15, 2013

    Stratasys Ltd. (NASDAQ: SSYS) announced record financial results for the second quarter of 2013. Q2 Financial Results Summary: • Non-GAAP revenue of $106.7 million for the second quarter of...See more

  • Objet 3D Printing Systems by Stratasys

    Stratasys, Ltd. · Product News · January 03, 2013

    STRATASYS provides state-of-the-art 3D printing solutions that help labs reap the maximum benefits from digital dentistry. 3D printing helps you better plan and execute your digital dental workflow so...See more

  • Dental Mill & Objet 3D Printers

    Digital Dental Lab · Product News · April 28, 2011

    DIGITAL DENTAL LAB's scanning, 3D printing and milling systems are designed for the production-minded laboratory. Its signature product, the Dental Mill, is manufactured in the U.S. and built to high standards...See more

  • 3D Systems Prints Dental Implant Drill Guides

    LMT Communications, Inc. · LMT LAB DAY Insider · LAB DAY · Apr 2014

    3D Systems’ ProJet® 3510 MP 3D printer and proprietary VisiJet® Stoneplast materials have been optimized for dental drill guide production. The printer accepts .stl files and the material...See more

  • Social Media: a Marketing Approach That's Here to Stay

    Kim Molinaro · 20+ Digital Marketing Strategies · Marketing · Oct 2013

    It's time to get involved in social media: it's free, it's easy, and more and more of your competitors are doing it.

  • 3D Printing: Game-Changing Technology

    LMT Communications, Inc. · Industry News · Sep 2013

    Just like the Industrial Revolution and the arrival of the Internet, 3D printing is certain to be a game changer. With the lower cost of the equipment and an increase in printer speed, this technology...See more

  • Support Staff

    Judy Fishman · The Way I See It · The Way I See It · June-July 2013

    This year, the hour hand of the clock seemed to move like the minute hand and suddenly we were at LAB DAY West. It’s the show that marks the end of show season and the show that used to be regional...See more

  • The Future of 3D Printing

    Kelly Fessel Carr · Digital Dentistry · May 2013

    LMT talks with Avi Cohen, Director of global Dental at Stratasys, about the potential of 3D printing in our industry and his company's newest offerings.

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