• Whip Mix Introduces Milling Services For Dental Laboratories

    LMT Communications, Inc. · Industry News · November 18, 2013

    Whip Mix is proud to offer milling services for dental laboratories. Whether laboratories are in need of back-up milling or are building their digital workflow, Whip Mix Milling Services guarantees support...See more

  • Whip Mix Introduces Vericore® Milling Discs

    Whip Mix Corp. · Product News · March 05, 2013

    Vericore® milling discs are state-of-the-art milling materials that will satisfy you, your dentists and most importantly, the patient.

  • Whip Mix Introduces Vericore® Milling Discs, Articulation Products

    LMT Communications, Inc. · LAB DAY · Apr 2013

    In Chicago, Whip Mix introduced its Vericore milling discs. From highly translucent zirconia for monolithic full contour restorations or substructures, to PMMA burnout materials to wax, Whip Mix offers...See more

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