3i T3® Implant


The 3i T3 Implant is a hybrid implant designed to deliver esthetic results through tissue preservation thanks to its multi-surface topography: the coarse micron topography facilitates blood clot retention along the threaded body of the implant; the fine micron topography supports platelet activation and mitigates the risk of peri-implantitis at the coronal aspect of the implant; and the sub-micron topography has demonstrated integration throughout the early healing process, helping to facilitate Bone Bonding (the interlocking of the newly formed cement line matrix of bone with the implant surface). BIOMET 3i Implants with integrated platform switching (3i T3 and PREVAIL® Implants) have smaller restorative platforms relative to the total implant platform; this medializes the Implant-Abutment junction inward, helping to maintain bone levels. *Documentation available upon request from Biomet.

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