B&D Technologies ORIGIN® ProDuo Series


The ORIGIN® 7000 systems deliver. Competitively priced and entirely capable, the ORIGIN systems provide streamlined CAD/CAM production, giving your laboratory the absolute advantage. The two disc processing holder enables you to mill two different material types in one sequence in a fully automated process launched at the touch of a button. ORIGIN CAD/CAM offers the ultimate solution for material selection and "dead-on" accuracy milled from one compact and cost effective system. Precise milling of Zirconia, Wax, Castable PMMA, Full Contour Ceramics, Lithium Disilicate and ORIGIN Custom Implant Abutment (Hybrid and Titanium) 5-axis milling. Upgradable for Chrome-Cobalt and NobleTITAN™ Titanium milling. ORIGIN runs an open architecture, digital operating system, with secured integration for all dental prosthetic operations. Expand the limits of CAD/CAM manufacturing and extend your range of quality product offerings with ORIGIN.

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