• I am looking to start a small denture lab for a couple of my C&B accounts. I want to stay away from flasking...See more

  • Daxton Grubb The BRIDGE

    Does anyone out there care to share their thoughts on Vita porcelain or denture teeth? We are a production lab, and currently using Mondial teeth and Noritake EX-3 & CZR porcelains. Most interested in how Vita's porcelains handle in a production environment, compared to Noritake.

    February 28, 2013 · 6

    I've used EX-3, Creation, Shofu, Avante, etc.. for the past thirteen years. I've been exclusively using...See more

  • CJ Bigsby Removables

    I am looking to start a small denture lab for a couple of my C&B accounts. I want to stay away from flasking and boil out tanks, so I'm thinking about using Dentsply's Eclipse system. I would also purchase Meyerson's Hot Shot for clasps. Does anyone have any experience with either system or ideas about other possibilities, thanks.

    February 5, 2013 · 9

    Thanks Jeremy and T.G. I have reconsidered everything after reading your posts. I actually do have some...See more

  • Jose Walter The BRIDGE

    I know there are several single pour disposable articulators on the market that are very fast...and though many labs are using them...the Vertex articulator (the little black one with the stone bases) still seems to be the most common one in most labs. My question...is why? I am doing some research...responses will be appreciated.

    January 11, 2013 · 18

    Jose, I've used Vertex as well as a dozen other disposable systems in the past 14 years. When I opened...See more

  • Thanks Aaron, It's nice to have support from other small labs. Compliments to you and your wife on homeschooling. Take it easy.

  • Dennis Lemon, CDT The BRIDGE

    I scanned the article on 10 Home-based labs. Yikes! I hope these guys are ready for the other shoe to drop. I'm reminded of that scene from Jaws where the sea captain says- you go into the cage-the cage goes into the water- the shark is in the water and then starts singing a song.

    June 19, 2012 · 22

    I'm sure there are home based lab owners out there overlooking cross contamination, infection...See more

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