• Dennis Lemon, CDT Articulation and Occlusion

    Is there any benefit to equilibrate a triple tray model on a plastic articulator? Are there any short and sweet resources on equilibrating models? Thanks

    August 1, 2012 · 7

    Since teeth are supported by periodontal ligaments, there is a "spongy" effect upon the bite of each...See more

  • Aaron Hoffman The BRIDGE

    We do full zirconia crowns and make money on them (so no real complaint there) however, would most agree the last thing we should be placing in the mouth is HARDEST man made material ever known? I understand we can design them out of occlusion, but we all know where it will end up~in occlusion. After...

    November 10, 2011 · 30

    Thru the years the effort put towards materials that wore similarly to natural dentition were marketed...See more

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