Michael Cook

Lab Manager at Thompson Suburban Dental Laboratory

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I am a very quality orientated person I strive for perfection in my work and others as well.

I have been in the feild 38 years. I served a three year apprenticeship at Hite Dental Laboratories in Baltimore. Then worked for Mr. Hite for seven years before he sold the Lab. I worked for the new owner for two years when I left. I then went to work for Cooper Dental Labs for around three years and then moved to Thompson Suburban Dental Labs. I have enjoyed my time at this Quality oriented Lab where all that matters is the smile we place on the patients face. I have been with Bill for twenty two years. Started out as his repair man and moved up to cast removables. I then worked towards department supervisor. Then was made reomvable manager, I wasn't satisfied I strived for all of the removable Depts Manager position. I also am the person if you need to order something I have a knack for getting the best price. I love to barter with people. All in All I love my job and would'nt change for anything. I love the fact we build smiles one face at a time.

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