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  • Having an extremely busy week being connected to educational events, I just want to motivate those, possibly on the fence about marketing their lab this way; My real 'strength' is networking with 10-20...See more

  • 30/30 Hindsight

    This year marks LMT’s and LAB DAY Chicago’s 30th birthdays and we plan to celebrate all year long. Come celebrate with us in the pages of LMT, at LAB DAY and online as we take a walk through 30 years of history. Online, we’re taking our cue from a popular internet trend called Throwback...

  • It is strongly advocated by Dr Frank Spear,etc not to glaze full contour zirconia crowns but to simply polish them, as studies have shown there is a LOT more wear to the opposing enamel on glazed zirconia...See more — tagged All-Ceramic Restorations

  • Marc Daichman · Owner at Asteto Dental Laboratories

    Lossof a great lab owner/founder here in NJ: Yesterday Sam Fields,founder of Sam Fields Dental Lab passed away. He is father of owners Bob & Rick Fields. Sam was a great inspiration to me countless(!)...See more

  • Last week our lab sponsored Dr Howard Farran (CEO of to over 100 dentists and 14 vendors exhibiting; It was ,as usual with Dr Farran, a raving success. Howard is a staright forward power-information...See more

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Of all managerial positions, Implant Department Managers earn the most, commanding an hourly average of $27.66 across all experience levels, according to LMT's 2012 Wage Survey.

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