Note: This event is closed.
Oct 28-29, 2013
San Francisco, CA

This lecture, hands-on, live patient course will outline a new prosthetic option besides the existing surgical and orthodontic options to enhance esthetical deficiencies in the anterior ridge. Esthetically replacing missing teeth in areas of significant anterior ridge deformities has been and still is a significant challenge in dentistry. High esthetic expectations and implant therapy have only increased this challenge.

Participants will learn:

Analyses of anterior ridge deficiencies

All of the available treatment options and limitations - where, when, and how

Design and fabrication of a 3-dimensional reconstruction of deficient ridges

Ability to enhance the esthetic result of the final tooth form and gingival design

Facial esthetics - enhancement of lip support

Explore, enjoy and take this course:

Evaluate the limitations when restoring deficient ridges

Decision making process

Understand the importance of ideal soft tissue architecture for developing natural looking restorations

The white and pink interface

When and how to utilize artificial gingiva

Clinical and laboratory procedures when fabricating the Pink Hybrid Restoration

  • Christian Coachman, DDS/CDT

    Works at anaxDENT North America

    Christian Coachman, DDS, CDT, received his dental degree from the University of Sáo Paulo in 2003 and his dental technology certificate from Rocha Marmo School, also in Sao Paulo, Brazil. As a lab technician, lab owner and...