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Nov 17-18, 2012
UCLA School of Dentistry
10833 Le Conte Avenue · Los Angeles, CA

Course instructor: Mark Hunt, CDT, UCLA Associate Professor

The course will provide the basics in denture setup and wax-up with a complete overview of materials, occlusion, and denture terminology. The focus will be on completing a 1x28 setup, gingival contouring, and final waxing. Also covered will be denture technology, materials, tools, and techniques with a comparative overview of the most commonly utilized methods in the profession.

A materials kit purchased by the participants will be utilized. The kit includes models, teeth, bite, wax, etc. Also, a dental tools and devices kit will be provided that must be returned upon completion of the course.

Course fee (per attendee) - $395 paid to UCLA
Material fee (per attendee) - $100 paid to Vinmar Solutions

Target audience - beginning technicians