Walk-In Product Display: KATANA Zirconia ML/HT Display and Discussion with CAD/CAM Specialist from Kuraray Noritake

By Kuraray America, Inc.

Call Larry Zeno at 800-879-1676, ext. 3953

Note: This clinic is from a past LAB DAY show

Hiro Sakamoto, RDT, answers attendees' questions about Noritake KATANA Zirconia ML/HT.

  • Call Larry Zeno at 800-879-1676, ext. 3953
  • Hiro Sakamoto, RDT

    Research & Development CAD/CAM Division at Noritake Dental Supply

    Hiro Sakamoto, RDT, joined Noritake Dental Supply in 2007 within the R&D CAD/CAM division and was instrumental in developing the KATANA System and the KATANA Milling Center. He’s worked at Koga Enterprise Dental Lab in...

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