• April 2014
  • JUVORA™ Dental Disc Makes U.S. Debut

    PEEK—poly-ether-ether-ke-tone—was the talk of the IDS in Cologne last year; now, it’s come to the U.S. in the form of the JUVORA Dental Disc made from PEEK sourced directly and exclusively from Invibio® Biomaterial Solutions, a global leader of PEEK biomaterials. Available from JUVORA Inc., the disc received FDA clearance for milling frameworks for complete and partial removable dentures and implant overdentures earlier this year.

    “PEEK has had some use historically in dental applications such as abutments and healing caps. However, now with the JUVORA Dental Disc, dental professionals in the U.S. have the ability to use CAD/CAM technology for precision designing PEEK frameworks for removable prostheses,” explained Nicole Czechowski, Business Development Manager, JUVORA Dental Innovations.

    The JUVORA Dental Disc is lightweight, biocompatible, radiolucent, highly wear and abrasion resistant, and has elastic properties similar to that of human bone. JUVORA’s...

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