• April 2014
  • KDF Launches New Casting Machine, Sintering Furnace

    KDF introduced two new products at the show:

    Cascom SE Casting Machine offers high-frequency alloy induction heating and vacuum and pressure casting. It doesn’t use flame during the melting process so the alloy doesn’t absorb gas, minimizing porosity and creating a smooth surface. The unit is user-friendly, simple to operate and offers a fast casting for various types of alloys.

    Zircom Sintering Furnace features a molybdenum disilicide heater that provides clean, reliable and consistent results. Compact and user friendly, the unit works with a variety of zirconia materials and features an LED display with 100 programmable courses (20 steps).

    For more information, call 310-320-6633, email info@kdfus.com or visit www.kdfus.com.

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