• April
  • Shofu Introduces Digital Camera to U.S. Market

    Previously sold only in Japan, Shofu Dental’s EyeSpecial C-II digital camera is now available in the U.S. Designed exclusively for dentistry and ideal for use in the laboratory, the camera features 12 megapixels, eight shooting modes, 49-mm close-up lens, intuitive one-touch operations, and a large LCD touchscreen that allows the user to view and scroll through images even with a gloved hand.

    The EyeSpecial C-II has excellent depth of field range, fast autofocusing and anti-shake capabilities, as well as infrared, UV and anti-reflection filters. It’s lightweight and can be held comfortably...

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  • Oral Designs: Building the Team One Activity at a Time

    San Antonio, TX

    Owner: Dirk Albrecht

    46 Employees

    At Oral Designs, every day is an opportunity to build a collaborative and supportive team. The culture revolves around building camaraderie; for example, the group often gets together during lunch time for games designed by the managers to quiz employees on how much they know about each other. The lab also sponsors employees’ participation in community runs—along with t-shirts that say “Oral Designs Runs this Town” and provides celebratory birthday lunches. “The managers are constantly coming up with activities that...

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  • March
  • Image Gallery: Goes to Great Heights for Team-Building

    Dublin, OH

    Owner:  Lonni Thompson, CDT

    7 Employees

    More and more thrill seekers are getting into the zipline craze, flying high over forests, zoos and parks around the country. Touted for the adrenaline rush, this outdoor adventure experience has also proven to be a valuable team-building experience for Image Gallery in Dublin, OH.

    Two years ago, Owner Lonni Thompson took her employees ziplining, a first for everyone on staff. “We encouraged each other—some of us were scared of heights—so as we walked across ‘sky bridges,’ we talked and laughed away our fears,”...

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  • Artistic Dental Studio: Rewarding Hard Work

    Bolingbrook, IL

    Owner: Jerry Ulaszek

    85 Employees

    Twice a year, no matter what, Artistic Dental Studio in Bolingbrook shuts down for the day to celebrate its staff. While the first order of business is to share news and updates such as OSHA standards or HR information, after that, it’s time for some post-meeting fun. Past events have included a trip to a go-cart track, a bowling alley (featured above), a cruise down the Chicago River or simply game day at the lab. Breakfast and lunch is served and each employee receives a gift card for gas, food or a restaurant. “The functions reward...

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  • Twin City Dental Lab: the Team That Builds Together, Stays Together

    Lewiston, ME

    Owner: Michael Adkins

    16 employees

    The team members at Twin City Dental Lab in Lewiston, ME, are so tight, they worked together to build their own laboratory.

    Prior to 2003, the lab was housed in the basement of a professional building and while the space offered some unique features—for instance, an old bank vault served as the lunch room—employees dealt with poor lighting and cramped conditions. So in 2003, Owner Michael Adkins purchased land and broke ground for a new laboratory.

    Devoting nights and weekends to the project, the 16 employees—along with spouses and...

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