How to Mask Dark Underlying Dentition and Manage Space

Matt Roberts, CDT · Technical · Feb 2010

  • Figure 2 Removal of the PFM restorations revealed compromised underlying color and aggressively prepared dentition consistent with PFM preparation design.

  • Figure 9 The final clinical result showing an esthetic transition of color and masking of dark underlying preparations.

  • Figure 1 The patient had large, unesthetic porcelain-fused-to-metal restorations.

  • Figure 7 Backlighting of the final buildup shows internal effects.

  • Figure 6 Shading ceramic was applied to the restorations on the composite dies to achieve the desired color and enhance the incisal effects prior to layering.

  • Figure 8 The final restorations on the model.

  • Figure 4 A full-contour waxup for each restoration was completed prior to cutting back the incisal in wax.

  • Figure 5 The restorations on the model prior to layering.

  • Figure 3 An incisal view of the preparations shows the minimal preparation of the lateral incisors and the extra room available for ceramic on the central incisors.