Digitization, Open Systems, Implants: Key Trends at 2009 IDS

Kim Molinaro · Industry News · May 2009

  • Primotec presented several new products, including primopattern, a light-cured universal modeling resin, and the metaring investment system. Once partials/full plates are made with the Metacon light-cured wax system, multiple cases can be invested and cast in one ring (as is common in the C&B technique), saving investment material and Co-Cr alloy. The booth also featured several clinicians, including Andreas Hoffmann, MDT, demonstrating the primotec phaser pulsed micro welding units.

  • Wieland’s Zenotec T1: a new CAD/CAM system that mills complete arch models from a high-performance plastic.

  • The scans are combined to create one 3-D image which is used to view before-and-after photos and interactively update the C&B treatment plan while the patient is in the chair.

  • After a long day on the exhibit floor, attendees and manufacturers take a well-deserved break at the U.S. Pavilion happy hour. Pictured (from l. to r.): Burdette Dental Lab’s Ansley Burdette, Whip Mix’s Alan Steinbock, 3D Systems’ Ron Snyder, CadBlu’s Mark Kosek, Burdette Dental Lab’s Harold Burdette, CadBlu’s Rich Motto, Burdette Dental Lab’s Chris Waldrop and George Taub Products’ Jordan Taub.

  • Realizer GmbH’s Peter Unterberg (left) and Dr. Mathias Fockele with the company’s new desktop metal laser sintering unit, the SLM 50.

  • Argen hosted a continuous stream of visitors at its popular booth.

  • ClLMT Managing Editor Kim Molinaro gets scanned by 3Shape’s new Dental Face scanning solution.

  • 3Shape’s new D7000 Scanner scans impressions to create a digital model, then sends the data to a model-making machine for production of a physical model like the ones pictured here.

  • Zirkonzahn’s 5-Tec is one of several new CAD/CAM systems launched at the show. The five-axis system includes a scanner, software, computer and milling unit; mills restorations in zirconia; and costs about $50,000.

  • IDS attendees get an up-close look at a live implant surgery, thanks to Bredent’s glass-enclosed operatory on the exhibit floor.

  • Envisiontec’s Mohamad Janbain details the new Perfactory Xede—which prints models in resin—to Laurie Freddino, LMT’s associate publisher/sales & events.

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