Ceramco® IC: Tackling the Challenges of Combination Case Esthetics With Implants and Natural Teeth

Juergen Gebhardt, MDT · Technical · Mar 2011

  • Figure 10: Gebhardt used the Ceramco iC layering technique to fabricate the veneers.

  • Ceramco iC is a unique integrated ceramic system that offers a single set of materials to fabricate a wide spectrum of PFM and all-ceramic restorations. The immediate advantages are enhanced reproducibility, excellent esthetics, a full spectrum of shades, as well as reliable shade match in combination cases involving more than one type of restoration. Ceramco iC is available in 46 shades including 16 A-D, four bleached and 26 CC Shades Series shades keyed to VITA® 3-D Master Shade Series. For more information, call 800-243-1942 or visit www.prosthetics.dentsply.com.

  • Figure 1: A Dentsply Friadent Xive implant was placed.

  • Figure 8: The model work clearly guided the restorative approach.

  • Figure 9: Pre-final copings and veneers.

  • Figure 3: The Cercon abutment on tooth #8 and the prepared central.

  • Figure 13: The final esthetic restorations after cementation.

  • Figure 14: The final esthetic restorations after cementation.

  • Figure 6: The facial preparation view.

  • Figure 11: The final restorations on the model.

  • Figure 4: Provisional restorations on teeth #8 and 9.

  • Figure 12: The try-in stage.

  • Figure 2: Shaping the emergence profile with EsthetiCap.

  • Figure 5: Gebhardt created a silicone preparation key to help provide optimal reduction.

  • Figure 7: The lingual preparation view.