Advertising Buyer's Guide

Every August, LMT publishes its Buyer's Guide - an indispensable 4-in-1 directory of the industry's manufacturers, suppliers and subcontractors, their products/services and trade names. The annual Buyer's Guide includes more company listings and product/service categories than any other source.

Participating in the Buyer's Guide is FREE: you get a listing in the manufacturer's directory, 20 product listings and 10 trade name listings AT NO CHARGE! The Buyer's Guide also includes a subcontracting section for companies that offer restoration services.

To be added to the Buyer's Guide form mailing list or for more information, contact Becky Tyre.
To place a display ad in this issue, contact Laurie Freddino.
Details and Specifications
  • Manufacturer's Directory
    Names, addresses, phone and fax numbers, e-mail and website address of all of the industry's manufacturer's and suppliers.

  • Product Directory
    Listings by product of the manufacturers and suppliers of all types of laboratory equipment and consumables - from abrasives to X-ray machines.

  • Subcontractors Section
    An entire section on subcontractors and the restorative services they offer.

  • Trade Names Directory
    When laboratory buyers know your product's name, but don't know who manufactures it, this is how they find you.