How-To Guide is a social system made exclusively for members of the dental laboratory industry. Curated and monitored by LMT Staff, we currently offer a number of ways to participate in the community including messages, posts, photos, groups, forums, products, topics, newsbriefs, letters, jobs and events.

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  • How to Use Directories

    Mouse over “Discuss” on the navigation bar and click on one of the three options listed below.

    The Directory is made up of three pages, People, Vendors and Associations.

    The People Directory allows you to see all of the members of the lab community that are on the site.

    The Vendor Directory lets you quickly scan through and see what companies are active on

    Start introducing yourself today!

  • How to Use Interest Groups

    Mouse over “Discuss” on the navigation bar and click on "Interest Groups" from the drop-down menu.

    Are you interested in becoming a member of a group or maybe starting a group of your own?

    Groups are formed so Users with similar interests or skills can share their ideas, concerns and advice.

    View Groups

  • How to Use Articles

    Mouse over “Research” on the navigation bar then click “LMT Articles or Latest News”.

    Read about the latest news and happenings in the dental lab community! In this section, you will find news and announcements, survey results, technical cases and much more!

    To read the latest Vendor news, mouse over "Research" and click on "Latest News".

  • How to Use Albums

    The Albums section contains photos from articles, events and industry professionals.

    Start browsing through photos here!

  • How to Use Products

    Mouse over “Research” on the navigation bar then click “Products or Services”.

    Thinking about purchasing a new CAD/CAM machine? Or maybe you are researching different types of abutments available. The Products section is the go to spot to research products, read reviews and post comments of your own.

    Browse Products

  • How to Use Topics

    Mouse over “Research” on the navigation bar then click “Follow Topics”.

    The Topics page acts as the hub for everything related to a certain topic. Select the topic you are interested in and you will see discussions, people, articles, products and more related to that subject.

    View Topics

  • How to Use Events

    Mouse over "Research" on the red navigation bar and click on "Calendar" to see upcoming events.

    Do you have an event you would like to share? In the top right corner of the page, select “+ New Event” and add an event of your own!

    View Upcoming Events

  • How to Use Forum Rooms

    Mouse over “Discuss” on the navigation bar then click “Forum Rooms”.

    Have You Heard? The Forums page is the place to ask questions, get opinions or share your thoughts on a subject. Want to get notified when a User comments on a Forum? Click “Subscribe” under the “Watch” and “Share” icons in the upper right corner of the page.

    View the Forums

  • How to Use Messages

    Mouse over your profile picture on the top right-hand corner of the website then click “Messages”.

    Have something you want to share with a certain User but don’t want it to be seen by the community? Send a message! A message is similar to an email within The conversation can only be seen by the User that has sent and received the message.