Frequently Asked Questions was formed in the summer of 2011 in an effort to help bring together the readership of LMT Magazine, attendees of our LAB DAY shows and everyone else in the dental lab industry. Now, at over 19,000 registered members (as of July 2015), it is the go-to destination for all things industry-related as well as a comfortable and fun place to socialize with peers.

Why do I need to log in? is exclusively designed for the dental laboratory community. In order to protect its usage, we ask you to sign up using a unique email address so we can verify and validate your request to use the site.

Will my email address become public or show up in a directory within this site?

NO. Your email address is private and only accessible by LMT administrators.

What will show up when I set up an Individual User page?

We encourage transparency, so when you sign up, your User name will be your first and last name. Your title, company name, city and state will also be posted. Similar to Facebook, you can also upload a photo of yourself and this photo will display when you post information throughout the site.

Will I be bombarded with emails from vendors by signing up?

NO. Vendors do not have the ability to send emails to Individual Users on the site.

Will there be advertising on

Yes. Manufacturers, suppliers and outsourcing laboratories can use our badge and banner advertising program to post advertisements on pages throughout this site. However, we encourage them to promote the pages they own within rather than outside or unclear links to maintain a consistent experience.

How do I review manufacturers' products?

There are several ways you can access manufacturer products. You can search for Products and Companies using the Search bar or the Products tab. If you do not see the product you are looking for and the Company that supplies that product has a Page on, you can post a request on LMT's Page and we will contact the company regarding your request. As we continue to populate the site, more products will be added.

Will everyone see what I post?

Yes, unless you are posting to a group or page which is private. We're aiming to create an informative and helpful place, so transparency is important.

I have a great product I'd like to share with others. Can I discuss this on my Individual User page?

No. Commercial-oriented posts will only be allowed through a Company User subscription. has two types of Users: Individual Users have complete, free access to the site simply by logging in; Company Users—anyone who has a commercial interest in using this site—needs to contact LMT to become a Company User subscriber. For now, all LAB DAY Chicago Exhibitors who participated in our January show preview product catalog, have a product on Shortly, these companies will have the ability to interface with you on their Company Page. If you would like to have a Company User subscription, please contact us at 203-459-2888 or click here to email Lauren Meehan for details. We're happy to help you.

What if an Individual User uses the comments box to try to sell products?

This is considered an abuse of site privileges and is detailed in our Terms of Use. We want your user experience to be comfortable and encourage your feedback when you come upon a post that is a violation of these Terms. To report abuse, click here.

What else is in store for this site?

There are a lot of additional features in the works for Please check this site regularly as continues to be built!