Susan G. Paciga

Ceramist, CAD/CAM

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Always eager to learn more and never stop trying new techniques. I am always willing to take anyones suggestions on how to achieve a better product for my associates and colleagues.

I've lived in WI my entire life. I love the summers here, but not so in love with the winters! I've worked at the same lab for 15 yrs now. It is my second family. I truly love what I do, and I have grown into the ceramist, I believe, that I've always watched, listened and learned from. You have to love what you do to be great at it! Words I really keep living my life by..... I have triplets that are now 9yrs. old.. 2 girls and a boy. My best accomplishment ever. They also love what I do, and love to watch me work. When I'm not at the lab, I'm spending my time with them. Nice to meet you all, I cannot wait to see what I will learn next!! Thank you, Susie