Mona Zemsky

Marketing Consultant at M Source Marketing Strategy & Tactics

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Marketing Consultant who 1) acts as a marketing manager for companies that don't have one yet need one, 2) takes advantage of all marketing tools, and 3) has an out-of-the-box outlook on the marketi

Mona Zemsky, a marketing professional with 20 years of broad experience, started M.Source. As a veteran in-house marketing manager turned freelance strategist, Zemsky is the rare combination of freelance flexibility and in-house mentality. She is reliable and persistent, and passionate about the success of clients and projects. See Zemsky's biography: An ardent believer in developing (and selling on) one’s quality and unique value, Zemsky feels strongly that competition is to be watched but not followed or feared – noting that there is plenty of business when a company concentrates on its strengths. Zemsky is a widely respected thinker, strategist, collaborator and writer, and a well-known name in many industries. She has been an author, expert source, featured speaker and presenter for many dozens of publications and associations (see partial list: