Kuraray America, Inc.

New York, NY

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  • Kuraray America, Inc.: a Synergy of Art and Science Strengthens Product Line

    LMT Communications, Inc. · Industry News · November/December 2013

    In April 2012, Noritake Dental Supply Co., Ltd. integrated with Kuraray Medical Inc. to form Kuraray Noritake Dental Inc.; the U.S. representative of Noritake products is now Kuraray America, Inc. Both...See more

  • How to Match Central Incisors Using a Jacket Crown and Laminate Veneer Made With Noritake EX-3 Porcelain

    Alek Aronin · Technical · Nov 2013

    Mismatched central incisors are a relatively common scenario, and a source of distress to the patient. Despite the high occurrence of these cases, it remains technically challenging for the technician...See more

  • KATANA Zirconia ML From Kuraray Noritake Dental

    LMT Communications, Inc. · Full Contour Zirconia Case Studies · Technical · Nov 2013

    DENTAL TEAM: Kazunobu Yamada, RDT, Cusp Dental Supply Co., Ltd., Nagoya, Japan and Dr. Yoshihiko Mutobe, Mutobe Dental Clinic, Osaka, Japan RESTORATIVE PROBLEM: The patient had a full cast crown on tooth...See more

  • Innovative Materials

    Kelly Fessel Carr · IDS 2013 Offers First Look at Emerging Innovations · Industry News · May 2013

    Zirconia-reinforced materials are a new trend, and expanded options for pre-colored zirconia and ceramics for full contour restorations offer both efficiency and esthetics. Plus, a new type of material:...See more

  • LAB DAY West: the 'Place to Be' in Southern California

    LMT Communications, Inc. · LAB DAY · May 2012

    Attendees took advantage of two full days of clinics on Friday, May 4th and Saturday, May 5th, and were eager to shop exhibits on Saturday. In fact, the exhibit hall was already bustling with crowds