EOS of North America, Inc.

Novi, MI

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  • EOSINT M 270

    EOS of North America, Inc. · Digital Fabrication

    EOS ELECTRO OPTICAL SYSTEMS’ EOSINT M 270 is an established additive manufacturing material for removable partial dentures. The material’s fine powder particles produce a fine grain structure compared to that of casting,...

  • BEGO, EOS to Partner on 3D Metal Printing Solutions

    LMT Communications, Inc. · LMT LAB DAY Insider · LAB DAY · Apr 2014

    BEGO USA and EOS announced an exclusive North American partnership focused on using a proprietary laser-melting, 3D metal printing process to fabricate removable partial dentures and fixed crowns and bridges....See more

  • The Reinvention Convention

    LMT Communications, Inc. · The Way I See It · LAB DAY · Apr 2012

    LAB DAY 2012 could easily be labeled "The Reinvention Convention." Laboratory owners and managers are more engaged than ever in finding new ways to reinvigorate their businesses