Anaheim, CA

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  • Precision Prosthetic Products

    Diamodent · Product News · December 28, 2012

    DIAMODENT offers precision prosthetic products for small, standard and wide platforms for the following implant systems: Screw-Vent Zimmer, ITI Straumann, 3i, Branemark, Lifecore, Frialit-2 & Xive and...See more

  • Color-coded Prosthetic Products

    Diamodent · Consumables

    DIAMODENT offers color-coded, high-precision prosthetic products at low prices for NobelReplace or Replace Select, Zimmer, ITI, 3i, BioHorizon, Keystone, Friadent and for all external hex implants. Free second-day shipping...

  • Titanium Base Abutments

    Diamodent · Consumables

    DIAMODENT offers engaging and non-engaging gold-colored, TiN-coated titanium base abutments for zirconia at 3-mm and 5-mm lengths with 0.35-mm cuff height for Nobel Replace Select, Zimmer and BioHorizons (internal connection)....