Patrick Eschenfelder

Dental Technician at Esthetic Touch Lab (Outsourcing)

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. . .Greetngs , for those of you who know me my name is Patrick. . . for those of you ,who do not . . .my name is STILL "Patrick" . . .I guess some things never change , Huh? If you were among those , that silently answered 'Right ' to that , I have some Property I want to sell you . . .Real cheap. . .Ha ! Ha!. . .just kidding All jokes aside, "Thank You" LMT, and all responsible for this Haven for those who have a Passion for Dental Technology, no matter at what level , that may Be! Any way another "Thanks " to Lmt for their fine Magazine as well! As far as myself I won't mention the "O" word , because I still run everyday , workout with weights , and practice the Martial Arts as well , and I have done this for many years, so I guess , that is why I created a new word for the WEBSTER folks , and it is 'OL'Ster'. . .the meaning is not quite ready for the "Rocking Chair and theFRONT PORCH" AS well my FAITH is a very important part of my Life, as I am sure it is to many of you out there , and I know It is to God , because in so many places in Scripture , and Hymns you hear ' They were 'CASTING' down 'CROWNS'. . ., so we know Heaven must be full of "DENTAL TECHNICIANS"! SINCERE THANKS! Patrick Eschenfelder